Ski, snowboard, and play

in the snow—close to Tokyo!

A 1-day snow experience

Straight from Tokyo
to a ski resort!

Enjoy Japan even more
by taking a one-day
snow experience tour
from Tokyo!

Whether you’re experiencing snow for the first time or want a more serious skiing experience,
we have a plan for you.

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3 Advantages of Easy Participation


Direct bus service from major stations
in Tokyo to ski resorts

Access ski resorts from stations such as Ikebukuro and Shinjuku without transfers, making it easy to get to and from the slopes!

Tokyo to ski resorts map
  1. Central Tokyo (Shinjuku/Ikebukuro/Shibuya)

  2. Approx.
    2 hours

    Tambara Ski Park logo

    Tambara Ski
    Park (Gunma)

  3. Approx.
    2.5 hours

    Hunter Mountain Shiobara logo

    Hunter Mountain Shiobara (Tochigi)

Advantages 2

No need to bring anything! *1 
Rent or purchase the necessities

picture:Enjoy ski
  1. Accessories (knitted hats, gloves, goggles, etc.) can be purchased at local stores.

  2. List of

  3. Complete ski outfit

    Complete ski outfit

  4. Snowboard


  5. *1: Accessories are not available to rent.

Advantages 3

Take advantage of a fully guided experience complete with accompaniment to the ski resort and ski lessons.

A Chinese-speaking tour guide will accompany you from Tokyo so that you can participate with ease, even if it’s your first time experiencing snow.

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A snow experience that even first-timers
          can enjoy

There are many different ways to have fun in the snow. Here are some fun snow activities for you and your children, as well as for beginner skiers and snowboarders.

* The contents of the experience will vary depending on the plan.

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Enjoy snowy experiences and flavors unique to Japan

Take in the majestic snowy mountain scenery and pure white slopes with all five senses!

Skiing while feeling the fresh winter breeze with your entire body and taking in the spectacular view from the top of the mountain will be an unforgettable experience.

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

Take the lift and gondola to the top of the mountain for a magnificent panorama of the snow-capped mountains!

gourmet 01

Enjoy the winter flavors
unique to Japan!

Savor delicious Japanese cuisine

Savor delicious Japanese cuisine, including classics such as ramen and curry.


Braised Joshu Mugibuta Pork Belly Ramen

Light soy sauce-flavored ramen made with Joshu Mugibuta pork.

Tambara Rice Bowl

An original dish from Tambara made with Joshu Mugibuta pork belly and beef tongue. The special sauce and rice go together perfectly.

Huntama Shiobara Rice Bowl

An original dish from Hunter Mountain. The salt-based sauce and juicy pork belly are a perfect match.

Soy Sauce Ramen with Nasu Sangen Pork Loin Chashu

Soy sauce ramen made with the deliciously rich yet lightly flavored Nasu Sangen pork.
gourmet 02

Enjoy limited-time-only tastes
and experiences in one of Japan’s top
apple-producing regions! apple apple

Time Only

>Apple custard cream and apple pie

Only at Tambara Ski Park

Apple custard cream and apple pie crepe with a very sweet apple compote made from apples grown in Numata City, one of Japan's leading apple-growing regions

Numata City, with its long hours of sunshine and large temperature differences between day and night, is well suited for apple cultivation, and the juicy Numata-grown apples, which have low acidity and a strong sweetness, are processed into the Numata apple compote for sweets and drinks at the local farm. The light and crispy pie crust, combined with the elegant sweetness of the apple compote, is an addictive indulgence. We hope you enjoy these treats made with in-season fruits.

* Only available while supplies last.

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Ski resorts

Choose the best ski resort for the activities you want to experience

spot01 Tambara Ski Park

Tambara Ski Park

  1. The courses are easy for beginners, with few steep slopes
  2. A kids’ park is available for fun with young children
  3. Private rooms are available for a relaxing break
Tambara Ski Park
Hunter Mountain Shiobara
spot02 Hunter Mountain Shiobara

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

  1. Enjoy a 3000 m downhill with 12 trails for lots of fun
  2. Enjoy a wide variety of dishes made with fresh local ingredients
  3. Take the gondola to the mountain’s summit for a breathtaking view

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Example 1-day snow experience

* The schedule and experiences will vary depending on the plan you choose.

  • First-Time Snow Experience

  • First-Time Skiing Experience

  • A ski resort for enjoying sledding!
  • All-you-can-pick and all-you-can-eat fresh seasonal strawberries!
  1. 07:50

    Departure from Shinjuku LOVE Object
    (Gather by 7:35)

    Lunch (About 45 mins)

    Play in snow at Ski Resort
    (About 60 mins)

    Strawberry picking
    at Harada Farm
    (About 30 mins)

    Yuba experience at
    Yuba Tokoro Machidaya
    (About 30 mins)

  2. 19:00

    Arrival at Shinjuku

Perfect for first-time skiers or those who haven’t skied in a while! With 12 trails, Hunter Mountain Shiobara is safe and enjoyable, even for beginners.

  1. 07:30

    Meet at Shinjuku Washington Hotel
    (Departure at 7:45)

    Arrive at Nasu Hunter Mountain
    Shiobara Ski Resort
    > Rent ski equipment

    Free skiing time (Morning)

    Lunch (Self-purchased)

    Free skiing time (Afternoon)
    > Return ski equipment

  2. 16:15

    Meet for departure
    (Departure at 16:30)

    Arrive at
    Shinjuku Washington Hotel


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Recommended for safe,
comfortable first-time skiing


Hunter Mountain

Accompaniment to the ski resort and fully guided lessons allow you to relax and enjoy the tour from start to finish.

Coming Soon

Recommend for playing
in the snow for the first time

Tambara Ski Park

Tambara Ski Park

Tambara Ski Park is perfect for your first time playing in the snow. At this ski resort, you can feel and learn to enjoy the snow.

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